Behaviour Policy

In our section meetings we want to ensure that everyone can fully participant and enjoy Scouting. To that extent we have a yellow / red card system for  managing any misbehaviour.

A Yellow card will be given for:

  • Persistent talking when you should be listening
  • Messing around or wandering off during activities
  • Inappropriate language or name calling
  • Failure to follow reasonable instruction from the Leaders
  • Damaging or destroying property
  • Breaking the mobile phone policy

A Red card will be given for:

  • Fighting
  • Bullying of any kind

(2 Yellow cards in any 4 weeks = 1 Red)

1 Red card =Miss one week and parents are informed by letter as to why

(2 Red cards = Miss two weeks plus a meeting with parents and GSL

3 Redcards in any quarter = asked to leave)

1 Red card = Sixers and Patrol Leaders will lose stripes.


In Scouting, and within our weekly meeting and other activities, we create an environment of respect where diversities are valued and celebrated. Whether that diversity is through gender, age, colour, background or ability bullying can take many forms, some of which are less obvious than others.
Bullying is not the same as disagreements between friends, a patrol or a group of Scouts but is behaviour that deliberately causes hurt, physically, mentally or emotionally.
It could be physical where a person is threatened or had an injury caused to them.
It could be verbal such as teasing, name calling or using insulting language.
It could be social where an individual or individuals are excluded from a group or sidelined during an activity leaving them feeling isolated and rejected
It could be cyber where the bullying is done via texting, email or social media to spread rumours.
All of the above is not acceptable and as adults with Scouting we have a responsibility to develop a caring and supportive atmosphere, where bullying in any form is unacceptable. (POR Rule 2.5).
Scouting is all about creating role models of our young people to provide a positive contribution to society and in their later lives.
As leaders we pride ourselves that we have a fantastic group of young people and will continue to instil the values of respect, loyalty, trust, support and teamwork between the Scouts.
As parents we ask for your support to dispel any signs of unacceptable behaviour

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls